The Great Escape

By Fort Mifflin on the Delaware (other events)

Saturday, March 24 2018 10:00 AM 4:00 PM

For one day Fort Mifflin will become “Fort Schlamm Insel” (Fort Mud Island) on the banks of the river Warter in Posen Prussia (Poland today). Come see the allied prisoners continue their war behind bars as they plan escapes, disrupt the German war machine and play cat and mouse games with their guards all while trying to make life as comfortable as possible. Fort Schlamm Insel is based on several real German prison camps in the Posen area that were old Franco Prussian War forts converted to prison camps, it is also based on the infamous Luft Stalag III of Great Escape fame.

This event is dedicated to all American and Allied POW’s in all conflicts.

Mailing Address

Fort Mifflin and Hog Island Roads Philadelphia, PA 19153